You might have some more questions on what it’s like to work with me, so here’s a rundown of the most common questions and handy answers:

Yes, I have a Masters in Translation from the historic University of Leipzig; a city that was home to literary greats and poetic souls like Goethe and Schiller. I am also a member of BDÜ, the largest association of interpreters and translators in Germany ( Since 2019 I have been actively contributing to the association’s work as a board member and organising CPD activities for our BDÜ-members in Saxony.

I always craft the translations myself and therefore only take on texts of a length and complexity that I can handle alone. However, to ensure quality, I outsource the proofreading of the final translation to another qualified linguist from my network (with an appropriate NDA in place, of course).

I translate from English and Spanish into my native German. I do not translate from German into English or Spanish.

What’s the workflow?


Contact me via, including your text, details on deadline and target audience and where you’re planning to use the translation.


You will receive a proposal outlining the rate, for you to accept.


I will send you a brief questionnaire, so I can get to know your company’s style and voice, as well as confirming the schedule for the project.


The translation begins, with ad-hoc communication for any queries.


You will receive the translation for review, then I will make any necessary changes as per your request.


The finished translation will be reviewed and proofread by a qualified colleague (who will be bound by an NDA).

7. You receive your translation!