What I do

Translation of marketing materials from English and Spanish into German.

Yes, but what does that mean?

Marketing material is usually classified as any text that’s designed to attract customers and increase revenue. This includes PR, website copy, blogs, newsletters, mailings and press releases. But more than this, it concerns all those communications which have a subtle, but no less crucial impact on your company’s image. Communications like speeches, articles about your company in the news, employee comms and job advertisements.

Sometimes, a straight translation of these materials won’t be what you’re looking for. Why? Because you need something a little more slick and a lot less stilted – basically, you need some marketing magic. The cool kids call that transcreation – I call it part of the service.

What does it cost?

I hate saying “it depends”, but it does often depend on the text – its intended audience, the urgency of the project and the complexity of the language.

For a straight answer, hit the button below to email me. Please include the following information, so I can give you an accurate quote:

  • The text you need translated (or a link to it)
  • The target audience
  • The deadline
  • The destination of the translation (e.g. online, for internal use, for print)