Why selling your products in Germany is a good idea

As a solopreneur with a growing business, you’ll probably reach a point when you start thinking about selling your products in other countries. Because more happy customers and more revenue, without the hassle of constantly creating a bigger product portfolio, sounds good, right? But where should you start? After all, you know this is a big decision you need to …

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Why knowing the cultures you are selling to is key to international success

Intercultural competence is one of the most important factors for international success. Your usual sales and marketing strategies might work well in your domestic market. But will they be as effective at convincing your new customers? People from different cultural backgrounds will most probably perceive what you have to offer differently. In this article, we’ll look at three different aspects …

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Successful multilingual marketing

Successful multilingual marketing: choosing the most profitable languages

How to do smart audience research to decide which countries to target – and make your international marketing efforts pay off Imagine investing in the translation of your content and marketing material and getting nothing in return. No increased traffic, no new customers, no boost in sales. How can that be? Where did you go wrong? In this article, you’ll …

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Why gender-neutral language matters in your content marketing

In societies around the world, people discuss gender-neutral language. It’s a topic and language issue that seems to divide people. Some say it’s necessary and here to stay; others just roll their eyes, struggling to understand what the fuss is about, and ask ‘Why can’t we just speak as we’ve always done?’ But how do you feel about it as …

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Best practices for successful freelance translation projects

Successful freelance translation projects: best practices

If you haven’t worked with a translator before, you might think that sending them a quick email with a simple request is enough. However, there are certain best practices for successful freelance translation projects you should apply. In this article I’ll show you what these are. Always include the text to be translated in your email enquiry When you’re emailing …

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4 steps to find a translator you’ll love

Going global with your business is a big step which can be daunting. But it also can be really rewarding, and chances are you are going to experience an impressive boost in sales if localisation is done correctly. In order to achieve this, you need to find a translator. One who will make your message work just as well as …

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