More than just

marketing translation

You probably spend a lot of money on marketing. Taking the time to make it personal, relevant and resonant. Profiling customers, analysing trends, tracking the traffic.

If you’re branching out into the German market,

you might be wondering… will that wordplay work wonders or will it fall flat? Do our taglines inspire action or apathy?

You already know that translating and localising your content for a new market is a no-brainer. You’ve already spent the hours (okay, months) on the messaging, but making it come alive in another language is daunting. I recognise this worry and want to reassure you – I’ve got you.

I don’t do dry and distant business relationships.

Increasing your revenue by making your business borderless is the brightest of ideas and it calls for a translation partner who’s equally sparky.

Behind your business there are real people. In the marketing and PR world, filters and fakery can flourish, but working with me gives you a partner who cares about the success of your business – your real business.

Meet Mandy

The marketing translator

Positive, communicative, unendingly curious (that’s a polite way of saying nosy, right?), I’ve always been fascinated by language and communication. But sometimes, it seems, language can get in the way of communication (and reaching your customers.)

It sounds cheesy, but that’s where I come in.

My desire to help businesses thrive internationally, combined with my language skills, created my business. I translate marketing and PR material in English and Spanish into my native German.

I like to think I don’t just talk the talk (and let’s be honest, marketing professionals can talk.) Marketing and PR is designed to connect people to your business – bridging the gap and helping potential customers over that “should I or shouldn’t I” threshold.

The most magical of marketing campaigns remember that their customers are real people, with real needs and real lives. Me too.

You won’t get standardised responses and formulaic communications from me. You might even get an emoji.

Real marketing translations, by a real person for real businesses.

Are you for real?

Speaking of real people, here’s what my (real) clients have to say….

Laura Manthei

Project Manager at PerMondo


“Your translations are awesome. It is obvious that you put much effort in it and that you really want the German text to sound good. You really did a great job. Thank you very much! It would be a pleasure for us to work with you again on further projects.”

Francesca Hill

Translation Project Manager, Sure Languages


“We have been working with Mandy for a few years now and she's an excellent translator - reliable, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. She is an important part of our team and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

Paulina Abzieher

Project Manager at The Rosetta Foundation


"Mandy has enthusiastically participated as a volunteer translator and reviewer in several non-profit translation projects. We value her professionalism, reliability and attention to detail. We're lucky to have her on our team!"

John Espirian

Technical Copywriter


"I hired Mandy to help my LinkedIn profile stand out by translating the key parts of it into German. Rather than giving potential clients the English-only version or relying on Google Translate, I wanted a professional result that kept the spirit of my original writing. Mandy showed her suggested translations clearly and gave notes to explain options to me, so I could make informed decisions about certain words and phrases. I've no doubt Mandy would do a great job on other German translations, too. Good work!"

Bianca Lipanska


"I hired Mandy to translate and transcreate the German copy of my website Knowing that Mandy is a professional translator with a good feel for marketing I was sure she knows what my expectations where and I was not disappointed at all. The result is perfect! Plus, she is easy to work with and always friendly. I can highly recommend her work."

Meg Dziatkiewicz


“Working with Mandy on a website content translation project was awesome! She is super-friendly to work with and always puts the needs of the project first, while adapting to client requirements and offering her own practical or creative solutions, depending on the context, to make sure the texts are most effective for the intended audience. I would recommend Mandy’s services if you’re looking for someone you can always rely on and who brings extra suggestions and solutions to the table while being very detail-oriented and friendly. Our client was also very happy with the German copy and the collaboration process and she is now confident she can effectively market her services to the German-speaking audience and attract more business in their native language!”